How has it been for you lately?

How to feel good about everything we have been watching?

The actual situation of Brazil as many other countries that by diferent reasons experience hard social problems, have caused great concern.

The scenario of uncertainties and discredit produces a lot of fear and helplessness.

It seems that our society got seriously ill and we need to find a way to treat it.

What actions could help us rescue the ethics, the dignity and the values ​​that keep us standing in face of such difficult times?

How to preserve our hope for better and fairer days?

We need to recognize and develop our skills, resources and abilities to better handle this whole situation!

Working in this direction, the Recycling Minds, in partnership with the Dulwich Centre Foundation, organized a set of actions for the campaign “The Team of Life for Change”.

Through the Collective Narrative Practices this team aims to promote reflections with young people and adults about what they can do to improve their own life, their family’s life and, consequently, the life of their community, city and country.

The conversation with these young people will be conducted through the sport metaphor. The team will use the narrative methodology “Athlete of Life”, specially designed for the year of the Olympic Games.

For all this to happen we will need a great Team! A Team of Courage!

If you want to be part of our team or believe that you can enrich our campaign in some other way, please contact our team at [email protected], indicating your interest to participate and the format you consider most appropriate to your possibilities.

On behalf of the Team of Life for Change,

Lúcia Helena Assis Abdalla


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