What do we know about ourselves that can assure us hope?

Do we know what people in our society have of extraordinary?

Our team plays for reflections that promote the recognition of skills and resources among people, that dignify people in face of so many adversities and keep them active in life.

Our team plays for the rescue of ethics and values ​​in our society, for a culture of possibilities in which explore the search of alternatives to our problems keeps us connected with the hope for better and fairer days.


Create a favorable environment for young people to connect with their dreams and from that connection be able to develop their life projects;

Learn how young people deal with difficult situations;

Lead young people to recognize their resources, values, skills and knowledge in order to assist them in achieving their goals;

Promote a sense of collective identity. Get young people to think about their identity in the team of the important people of their lives, those who help them preserve what is precious;

Make it possible for young people to recognize the achievements and stories of overcoming that they and their team have already experienced. They can be seemingly invisible. We need to make them visible;

Develop ways for young people to contribute with their knowledge, based on what they learned in their difficult experiences, without having to speak directly of them;

Create different ways to celebrate and honor the achievements of young people from their stories of overcoming. These achievements do not need to be big, but meaningful.

Find ways of mutual contributions. Allow that the shared knowledge of a youngster may contribute to the life of another youngster and vice versa;

Enable famous athletes to encourage young people, so that their knowledge can offer different motivations for athletes;

Promote a large network of exchange of recognition between people. Allow a person’s shared knowledge to contribute to the life of another person and vice versa;

Stimulate the exercise of citizenship in our society through reflections on social issues, and investigate the ideas and actions that can improve this reality;


Promote the sense of authorship in as many people as possible

Promote respectful forms of mutual contributions

Take the overcoming messages from young people who participated in the campaign to as many people as possible;

Make the work fun and enjoyable!


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